Charlotte Troy is formerly from Mass. She is an R.N. with a B.S. in Psychology and a Masters in Business Management. She is also a dachshund breeder. Many times when she would walk the beaches with her daschies, visitors would often stop her and ask her where she was boarding her pets. She would explain that she had a home here.

Charlotte has now relocated herself and her puppies here full time doing what she loves best: spoiling dogs rotten!

Benji's Staff Members

Being a mini and small standard Dachshund breeder for over ten years, pups will be available for sale at Benji's.

A great deal of people think Dachsies only come short hair, well there is also long-hair, wire hair, soft-coated wire hair and dapples.

These pups will be on site to visit and enjoy. They are all AKC registered and ready to go to good homes.

One of Troy's most infamous Dachshunds is Benji himself. Shown here, relaxing on the couch, he's the namesake of the most upscale Doggie B&B on Pawley's Island!

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Benji's Bed & Breakfast, 295 Tiller Drive, Pawleys Island, S.C. 29585, (843)-237-7117
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